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This collection from the early 20th century contains Daisy E. Wheaton's Stereograph collection which documents her travels across the United States with her husband, Charles, and several of their friends. This collection also contains several glass plate negatives from the early 20th century depicting people, buildings and scenery from the Big Walnut area.

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Daisy E. Wheaton Stereograph Collection
Daisy E. Wheaton's Stereograph Collection. These stereographs belonged to Daisy E. Wheaton and document her early 20th century travels across the United States with husband Charles, friends Louise and Roland Sedgwick, and others.

Sunbury Glass Plate Negatives
These images depict some of the families, schools, sports teams, early industries, farms and the natural scenery of early 20th-century Sunbury, Ohio. The glass plate negatives were donated to the Community Library by William Fling. If you can…
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