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Day by Day (p. 1)
This family history provides general histories of 5 generations of the Davidson, Day, Glenn, Cline, and Cowell families from 1899-1995. Author Doris Davidson Day puts into print memories of her childhood, marriage, work, joys, and sorrows.

Pages of Our Lives... Farming: a Way of Life (p. 1)
Personal history of the Buxton and Murphy families written by Rachel Murphy Buxton.

I-DENTITY (p. 1)
This book is the history of the Longshore Family prepared by Maxine Longshore in 1976.

Flashback: A Story of Two Families (p. 1)
This book is the history of the Carleton S. Burrer and Dorothy Dillenbeck Burrer families as told to Polly Whitney Brehm Horn by Dillie Burrer, widow of Carleton Burrer. The book includes genealogical and biographical information for members of both…
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