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Family Histories

Day by Day (p. 1)

This collection contains family histories that have been written by residents of the Big Walnut area. Items in this collection generally contain…

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Harlem Township

Harlem Township High School 1934

This collection contains items related to the history and development of Harlem Township. Items in the Harlem Township collection currently include…

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Kingston Township

Life on the Ohio Frontier (p. 1)

This collection contains items that describe what life was like for the early settlers of Kingston Township as well as items that pertain to General…

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Columbus Division Track Sketches (p. 1)

The Maps Collection contains the 1866 Atlas of Delaware County, Ohio. This is an original edition print that is housed at Community Library in…

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Naturalization Records Delaware County OH

Naturalization Records Delaware County OH (p. 1)

This is a collection of Declaration of Intent papers and Petition for Naturalization papers filed by immigrants who had settled in Delaware County…

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image 1

This collection from the early 20th century contains Daisy E. Wheaton's Stereograph collection which documents her travels across the United States…

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Porter Township

Unique Covered Bridge in Delaware County (p. 1)

The Porter Township Collection contains Unique Covered Bridge in Delaware County , an article written by David Simmons about the Chambers Road bridge.…

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